BORED GAME™ - The Greatest Board Game NEVER Made.

We made this thing purely for the fun of it. A silly idea filled with amazing opportunities to study 90's commercials, design a wizard, work with talented friends and pour dry ice into a miniature dungeon.

Most of the games were recovered from Mark's attic back home in Goshen, Indiana. The rest were sourced from some deep ebaying.


Apart from our usual prop-obssessing, Bored Game allowed us really dive into character design in a new way. We had the best time designing Bordak the Game Wizard™ with with AB FX Studio and his clothes with Mary Jane Lane.

This project was made with an incredible team of insanely talented people, and Bored Game is as much theirs as it is ours.

Hyper-thanks to m ss ng p eces for playing with us, and to Windmill Studios NYC - where 50 cent shot his music video in the studio next to ours. Hey video girls, Bordak says Call Me!

Some assembly required.

A m ss ng p eces production
Producer: Amber Schaefer | Director of Photography: Adam Jandrup | Assistant Director: Aaron Crozier
Production Design: Kendall Fleischer | Music: Le Chev | Editor: Adam Epstein
Wizard Makeup: Adam Bailey | Costume Styling & Wizard Outfit: Katie Calcaterra
Eskimos: Kyle Sauer, Jose Fresneda, Nick Hum
Set Photos: Eric Luc, Adam Jandrup
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